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Convenience Features
- Lightweight design allows you to use this as your full-time Galaxy Tablet case. No more removing some other case to put it in your backpack.
- Secure strap allows you to carry it like a small messenger bag. Just zip open the front flap and your Galaxy Tablet is instantly useable. No more taking your device out of a bag or backpack in order to use it. 

Safety Features
- Secure strap allows you to use your Galaxy Tab while the strap is around your neck. Keep it on you the whole day without fatigue

- Metal hardware is significantly resistant to pulling
- Heavy duty foam, plastic, and nylon around the edges protect your precious device in case you do drop it. Provides much better shock absorption than rubber or plastic tablet skins

Quality Features
- Stainless zipper pulls and hardware (no cheap plastic here)
- Triple layer fabric for extreme protection (ballistic nylon exterior, pliable foam insulation for shock absorption, smooth nylon interior to keep your Galaxy Tab unscratched)
- Designed and tested for over a year! We've thrown this repeatedly in the back of cars, dropped repeatedly on the ground, and used daily. Not a scratch on the Galaxy Tab, and all the hardware held up without problems
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