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Are you tired of taking your Macbook in and out of sleeves to use it? Shells not providing enough protection? Folios a dropping hazard? Bags too bulky and a hassle? Our transforming Macbook case/bag starts off as a quality folio-type case, but close it up and it instantly becomes an attractive messenger bag!

Convenience Features
- Lightweight design allows you to use this as your full-time Macbook case and messenger bag at the same time!. No more removing a sleeve or even taking your Macbook out of a bag before you can use it!
- Zippered pockets allow you to carry your charger, phone, pads of paper, small notebooks, etc

Safety Features
- Secure strap lets you carry your Macbook like it was in a messenger bag.  You'll never forget it lying on a bench, bus, or subway train.
- Metal hardware is significantly resistant to pulling
- Heavy duty foam, plastic, and nylon around the edges protect your precious device in case you do drop it. Provides much better shock absorption than hard candy shells.

Quality Features
- Stainless zipper pulls and hardware (no cheap plastic here)
- Triple layer fabric for extreme protection (ballistic nylon exterior, pliable foam insulation for shock absorption, smooth nylon interior to keep your Macbook unscratched)
- Designed and tested for over a year!

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