Roadtrip Luggage CEO J Jao

I have always been enthralled by the call of the road.

In 2006, I was visiting Los Angeles from New York and happened upon a 2-seat roadster for sale. It was my dream car - small, sleek and yes, totally impractical. So of course it was on impulse that I bought the darn thing with no thought on how to bring it back to New York City. The non-existent trunk made it  particularly ill-suited to the drive home, a trip of more than 3000 miles. But drive it back home I did, and I have never since regretted it.

The sights and vastness and majesty of the American open road was a spiritual experience that cannot be described by words. The only thing further I could have asked for during this adventure was space for a human companion by my side, instead of a large bag with my clothes taking up the passenger seat! Although this was an experience that I would not have traded for anything else, I realized that this could have gone even better with the proper equipment.

Roadtrip Luggage is Born

We believe that everyone should have the chance to experience that most American right-of-passage, the road trip. After that initial 3000 mile trip, we started a small garage outfit that manufactured and sold custom fitted luggage bags to the hard-core roadster enthusiast community which we were part of, in the hopes that this would make it easier for people to share our experience of discovering America in all of it's vast glory. There was surprising enthusiasm for our offerings. As we slowly built our expertise and reputation in those circles, we discovered a larger and wider audience for our products - non-enthusiast owners of roadsters, convertibles, and other small automobiles. Orders for our products grew immensely, and we expanded our operations. Modern production techniques, warehouse space, incorporation, office facilities and a presence in the Internet. But despite our growth we are still singularly committed the personal satisfaction of each and every one of our customers.

Corporate Relationships, Sponsorships and Awards

Now known for manufacturing products of the highest quality, Roadtrip Luggage has been entrusted by the largest and most respected automotive specialty retail stores to provide them with products for their own customers. These include American Mini Mates, Go Miata, Mach V Motorsports, Mini Car Parts, Mini Mania, Moss Motors, Parts For Your Car, and Takuban Motorsports.

Roadtrip Luggage has also been a proud sponsor of Spyderchat, the Online Community for MR2 Spyder Enthusiasts, and MR2 Only Magazine in the UK.

In 2022, we were honored in Inc Magazines prestigious "Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Privately Owned American Businesses"

In 2023, we won USPAAC's "Fast 100 Fastest Growing Asian American Businesses"

Roadtrip Luggage HQ

Originally headquartered in NYC, in 2015 we moved to Sunny San Diego, Americas Finest City! You can snail mail us here:

Pontiac Eleven LLC

9921 Carmel Mountain Rd #127

San Diego CA, 92129 USA

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