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Our 4-piece custom fitted luggage maximizes the space of your A4 /A5 Convertible's trunk!

Fall in love with your convertible all over again! Our custom-fit bags follow the contours of the Audi A4 / A5 trunk, allowing you to make the most out of the available storage space. Now you can travel in style and save gas money at the same time by using your convertible!

Design Features:
  • Created specifically for the trunk of the Audi A4 /A5, these bags provide the best combination of practicality and space maximization.
  • Durable rubber piping with a lightweight metal core along the sides protect the bags from damage and rough handling
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and padded carry handles allow you to effortlessly move your travel gear to and from your roadster
  • Rugged and oversized zippers for easy handling and exceptional durability
  • Heavy duty hardware ensure years of reliable service
  • The Roadtrip Fitted Luggage logo unmistakably identifies these bags as a quality product!

These bags are constructed with a triple-layer fabric designed for the hostile environment of the trunk:
  • An outer shell of extremely durable nylon to withstand the heat and abrasion from movement in the trunk.
  • A core layer of efficient insulating material to help protect your belongings on hot sunny days. It also allows the bags to maintain its distinctive shape when outside the trunk.
  • An inner layer of soft but durable nylon material is easy on the hands and on your belongings
  • The reinforced base further protects your belongings

Audi A4 A5 are registered trademarks of Audi AG

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German: Reisetaschen, Handgepäck, Gepäck, Reisegepäck
French: Bagage
Italian: Borse da Viaggio, bagaglio
Spanish: Equipaje, Bolso, Bolsa, Maletas

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