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These 2-Piece Roadtrip Fitted Luggage Bags for the BMW Z4 Roadster (E89) are rugged, functional accessories to the Z4 and have the following unique elements:

Design Features:

  • these bags are shaped to match the dimensions of the trunk, allowing you to carry an enormous amount of travel gear in the small trunk of your roadster
  • durable rubber piping with a lightweight metal core along the sides protect the bags from damage and rough handling
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and reinforced carry handles allow you to effortlessly move your travel gear to and from your roadster
  • rugged and oversized zippers for easy handling and exceptional durability
  • heavy duty hardware ensure years of reliable service
  • Practical utility pockets on both sides of each bag store odds and ends such as maps, hotel tickets, etc


These bags are constructed with a triple-layer fabric designed for the hostile environment of the trunk:

  • an outer shell of extremely durable nylon to withstand the heat and abrasion from movement in the trunk.
  • a core layer of efficient insulating material to help protect your belongings on hot sunny days. It also allows the bags to maintain its distinctive shape when outside the trunk.
  • an inner layer of soft but durable nylon material is easy on the hands and on your belongings
  • the base is made of a solid but flexible material to further protect your belongings

BMW Z4 Roadster are registered trademarks of the BMW Corporation

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Z4 roadster luggage

25th Mar 2015

Ordering process flawless and product shipped on time. Upon arrival I observed that 1 of the 2 luggage units was covered with mold as if it had been stored in a high humidity area. Mold was cosmetic in nature and I was able to clean it. In defense of the manufacturer I chose not to return the unit due to the time and additional expense involved. My only disappointment was product was not inspected prior to shipping. Otherwise I have no other issue with the product or supplier.