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These 3-Piece Roadtrip Fitted Luggage Bags for the MX-5 are rugged, functional accessories to the MX-5 and have the following unique elements:

Design Features:

  • these bags are shaped to match the dimensions of the trunk, allowing you to carry an enormous amount of travel gear in the small trunk of your roadster
  • durable rubber piping with a lightweight metal core along the sides protect the bags from damage and rough handling
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and padded carry handles allow you to effortlessly move your travel gear to and from your roadster
  • rugged and oversized zippers for easy handling and exceptional durability
  • heavy duty hardware ensure years of reliable service
  • Practical utility pockets on each bag store miscelleneous items such as maps, hotel tickets, etc
  • The embroidered JDM-style "Roadster" logo unmistakably identifies these bags as an accessory for your MX-5


These bags are constructed with a triple-layer fabric designed for the hostile environment of the trunk:

  • an outer shell of extremely durable nylon to withstand the heat and abrasion from movement in the trunk.
  • a core layer of efficient insulating material to help protect your belongings on hot sunny days. It also allows the bags to maintain its distinctive shape when outside the trunk.
  • an inner layer of soft but durable nylon material is easy on the hands and on your belongings
  • the base is made of a solid but flexible material to further protect your belongings

Mazda MX-5 Miata are registered trademarks of the Mazda Motor Corporation

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Great Set of Luggage!

ROCCO RAMPINO on 23rd Apr 2021

Purchased these as a birthday gift for my brother for his 2020 MX5 Soft Top Grand Touring. Before the luggage bags arrived, I was somewhat concerned that this would be another set of luggage, taking up storage space when not in use. Well, my concern was unfounded. The three bags arrived neatly folded in a single box 20 X 24 X 4. When unfolded, the bags fit very nicely into the luggage compartment. The third piece, which you can't see from the vendor's image, sits perfectly into the recessed area at the bottom of the trunk compartment. When all three pieces are in place, you still have a little room on each side of the trunk to add any last minute items. As far as functionality, the luggage capacity is more than adequate to accommodate a few days worth of clothing and extras for him and his wife. (One bag is enough for him, and she can use the other two). These bags are well made and should last for a long time.

Miata Luggage

Jasper White on 19th Dec 2020

Just bought this set for our 2020 ND Miata for an upcoming trip this spring. We've made many trips using the set we purchased for our 2006 NC Miata. Always enjoyed the quality and fit. I especially enjoyed throwing them on bed and telling my wife, "you can pack as much as you want! Just so long as it fits in these bags!"... Problem solved!

ND MX-5 Miata Luggage

Kenneth Robinson on 27th Jul 2020

First impressions when opening box. Box was packed well for shipping. The luggage first thing I noticed was the zippers are high quality and stitching and fabric was top notch. All in all a very high quality product. The luggage fit well in the trunk and was easy to put into and out of the trunk. We lived out of these for a 4 day long weekend trip and are very happy with this 3 piece luggage set.

2020 Miata MX 5 luggage

Michael Sowvlen on 18th May 2020

This luggage is well made, sturdy and perfectly fits the trunk of our new 2020 Miata. It is the perfect solution for taking advantage of a small trunk. We are anxious to experience our first roadster road trip.